Support for Malaria elimination of the RMEI operations portfolio consultantin Mesoamerica, Mexico, Colombia and the Dominican Republic





Background of this search:


The Social Sector (SCL) is a multidisciplinary team convinced that investing in people is the way to improve lives and overcome the development challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean. Jointly with the countries in the region, the Social Sector formulates public policy solutions to reduce poverty and improve the delivery of education, work, social protection, and health services. The objective is to advance a more productive region, with equal opportunities for men and women, and greater inclusion of the most vulnerable groups.


The Social Protection and Health Division (SPH) is tasked with the preparation and supervision of IDB operations in borrowing member countries in the areas of social protection (safety nets and transfers and services for social inclusion which include: early childhood development, youth programs, care services for dependency, among others), health (health capital investment strategies, health networks strengthening, health system financing, organization and performance, etc.) and nutrition.


Malaria control and elimination throughout Mesoamerica have been generally successful in reducing the incidence of malaria mortality and morbidity in the last two decades, with a decline of more than 90% in cases to the efforts of the national governments accompanied mainly by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the Global Fund (GF)and others. However, the entire region is not currently on a path to reach its declared goal of regional elimination.


RMEI has been established based on efforts and results achieved by countries with PAHO support to date. The IDB, through the RMEI-Coordination Unit (CU), will work technically in close coordination and collaboration with PAHO, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), the GF, Consejo de Ministros de Salud de Centroamerica y Republica Dominicana (COMISCA) and Proyecto Mesoamerica (PM). The RMEI initiative will be financed through the Malaria Elimination Mechanism (MEF) administered by the IDB to cover outstanding financial and operational gaps to implement technical interventions already reflected in regional and national plans in Central America and the Dominican Republic to accelerate progress towards the elimination of malaria.


RMEI has considered the recommendations and commitments made by the Ministers of Health in the 55th Directing Council of PAHO, including the adoption of a plan to eliminate malaria in 2020. By adopting this plan, the region commits itself to intensify efforts to eliminate the disease, especially through intensified efforts focusing on vulnerable populations and occupational groups. The Initiative will also build on the master plans prepared under the Project Mesoamerica Project and on the national phase-out plans of each country.


The team’s mission:


Over a five-year period (2018-2022), the initiative will seek to accelerate progress towards eliminating malaria by 2020 in Mesoamerica and the Dominican Republic through a results-based financing mechanism using a financing instrument combining new funding from donations and national counterpart (reorientation of existing resources IDB loans or domestic funding). From 2020 to 2022, countries will work to prevent reintroduction and improve their surveillance systems, among other critical issues to sustain and sustain the achievements of 2020.


What you’ll do:


Under the guidance of the RMEI Executive Secretary (ES), along with the RMEI Coordination Unit Operations Advisor (and IDB Teams Leaders (TL), of advising on the technical design, strategic alignment, and oversight of project proposals to be financed by RMEI, according to its governing documents (IDB Board Resolution, Terms and Conditions, Donor Agreement Letters, Proposals, Operating Regulations), and the management and guidance of the RMEI-ES. Additionally, the contractual will have overseeing activities to guarantee accountability, transparency and effectiveness of every technical partner involved into the implementation of the Project Execution Plan (PEP) which includes the actions every partner, including the country Ministry of Health (MOH), will perform over a 5-year period operation.


Product 1: Operations financed by RMEI are strategically aligned with RMEI CU guidelines for malaria elimination.

  • Advise the ES on the strategic and technical alignment of the RMEI Operations scope, cost-effective interventions, coordination among stakeholders and relationship at the local, regional, and/ or global level of the malaria elimination issues related to the countries and intervention territories.
  • Coordinate under ES, RMEI-CU Operations advisor (CU-OA), and Grants and Financial Officer (GFO) guidance of the technical activities planning, missions, and contact with IDB TL and MOH authorities, to ensure technical coherence of the implementation of both Initiatives and enhance resources utilization optimization.


Product 2: Operations financed by RMEI effectively implement the actions for the elimination of malaria:

  • Identify, analyze, and propose solutions to implementation problems affecting performance of the overall portfolio of RMEI or individual projects, and monitor the implementation of agreements. 
  • Taking a leadership role as focal point in the execution, strategic alignment, and coordination with the Technical assistance team, Institutions related to malaria elimination efforts, and the MOH of the potential10 participant countries, to conciliate any execution conflicts of activities towards malaria elimination.
  • Support the ES advising him/her to report implementation constraints and/or limitations on achieving the operative plans and/or results.
  • Promote a constant dialogue with the partners and the national authorities to enhance the implementation and increase the probability of malaria elimination.
  • Assisting ES and OA with setting regional, country priorities for project implementation, this will involve analyzing, collecting local baseline data, identifying knowledge and information gap.
  • Participating in external working groups, providing expertise in the above-mentioned areas.
  • Providing technical expertise, direction during project implementation.
  • Coordinate the implementation of technical requirements from the ES, Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) and Communications & Outreach Officer (COO).
  • Providing assistance to the CU, IDB Country Teams, countries project implementation and management to scale up interventions, when needed.

 Product 3: Assist the SE/OA to articulate the malaria elimination efforts of the participating partners:

  • Identify, analyze and propose solutions for aspects related to the partners, to the implementation problems that affect the performance of the projects financed by IREM, and monitor the implementation of the agreements.
  • Perform strategic alignment and coordination with the technical assistance team, the institutions related to malaria elimination efforts and the TL, advising her/him to assit the Ministry of Health of the 10 participating countries, to reconcile any conflict in the execution of activities towards the elimination of malaria.
  • Monitor that the role of each partner is respected during implementation, through constant monitoring mechanisms to ensure that the agreements of the regional Strategic and Operation Committee (CEO) are respected.


Product 4: Support harmonizing Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) efforts with field interventions.

  • Motivate TLs and Ministries to use evidence for decision-making and policies in favor of vulnerable populations.
  • Support the SE in synthesizing the lessons learned throughout the project, to disseminate the results to the countries, the Members Committee, the IDB, by continually evaluating the process and the coherence of the project.
  • Support the dissemination, analysis and actions derived from the presentation of results, providing technical clarifications and experience when necessary.
  • In coordination with the SE and the AO, support the JEP in the policy dialogue, with government authorities, partners, in the forums in which designated.
  • Strengthen technical networks, activities with bilateral institutions to promote coordination and cooperation with RMEI.


Deliverables and Payments timeline:

  1. Work plan.
  2. Four progress reports: containing the activities carried out and the level of progress (and achievement) linked to the products listed in the previous section.
  3. Final report of the consultancy: summarizing the challenges found in the implementation, the progress towards the elimination and the status of the implementation of products 1 to 4.





Deliverable 1


Work plan in the countries where IREM is implemented or followed up

Deliverable 2


Delivery and acceptance by the Bank of the first progress report of products 1 to 4 of these terms of reference

Deliverable 3


Delivery and acceptance by the Bank of the second progress report on products 1 to 4 of these terms of reference

Deliverable 4


Delivery and acceptance by the Bank of the third progress report on products 1 to 4 of these terms of reference

Deliverable 5


Delivery and acceptance by the Bank of the fourth progress report on products 1 to 4 of these terms of reference

Deliverable 6


Delivery and acceptance by the Bank of the final progress report of products 1 to 4 of these terms of reference


What you’ll need:

  • Citizenship: You are a citizen of one of our 48-member countries.
  • Consanguinity: You have no family members (up to fourth degree of consanguinity and second degree of affinity, including spouse) working at the IDB Group
  • Education: Master’s degree or equivalent and a minimum of 10 years of relevant professional experience, or the equivalent combination of education and experience in Medicine (M.D.), master’s in public health, Public Policy, Health Economics, and/or Social Sciences.
  • Experience: At least five (5) years in design, planning and evaluation of Malaria control and / or elimination projects in Latin America and demonstrated experience developing operational capacities to work on malaria with country teams.
  • Languages: Spanish and advanced English.


Core and Technical Competencies:


Analytical, proactive, malaria elimination technical assistance, target-oriented, teamwork, computer applications, problem solver and MS Office (Word, Excel, Project, PowerPoint, Outlook).


Opportunity Summary:

  • Type of contract and modality: Products and External Services Consultant (PEC)
  • Length of contract:11 months
  • Location: Consultant residence
  • Responsible person: Emma Iriarte, Lead Health Specialist (SCL/SPH).
  • Requirements: You must be a citizen of one of the IDB’s 48 member countries and have no family members currently working at the IDB Group.  


Our culture:


Our people are committed and passionate about improving lives in Latin-America and the Caribbean, and they get to do what they love in a diverse, collaborative and stimulating work environment. We are the first Latin American and Caribbean development institution to be awarded the EDGE certification, recognizing our strong commitment to gender equality. As an employee you can be part of internal resource groups that connect our diverse community around common interests.


Because we are committed to providing equal opportunities in employment, we embrace diversity based on gender, age, education, national origin, ethnic origin, race, disability, sexual orientation, and religion. We encourage women, Afro-descendants and persons of indigenous origins to apply. 


We encourage women, afro-descendants, people of indigenous origins, and persons with disabilities to apply.


About us:


At the IDB, we’re committed to improving lives. Since 1959, we’ve been a leading source of long-term financing for economic, social, and institutional development in Latin America and the Caribbean. We do more than lending though. We partner with our 48-member countries to provide Latin America and the Caribbean with cutting-edge research about relevant development issues, policy advice to inform their decisions, and technical assistance to improve on the planning and execution of projects. For this, we need people who not only have the right skills, but also are passionate about improving lives.


Our team in Human Resources carefully reviews all applications.


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and its implications for our Region, the IDB Group is reviewing its hiring needs and re-prioritizing its areas of talent acquisition. We encourage candidates to continue to apply to the active postings, yet current job openings may be subject to further decisions in terms of timing of the processes, or other actions, in accordance with business needs. Final hiring decisions may also be conditioned to the candidate’s ability to timely relocate to the post of duty at the moment of starting service.




Additional Information

  • External Opening Date: Aug 4, 2020
  • External Closing Date: Aug 18, 2020
  • External Contact Email:
  • External Contact Name: HR Shared Services
  • Job Field: Technical Support